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Clint Eastwood says gay marriage is no one's business




In case you're hopelessly mired in a debate over gay marriage with someone, or don't know which side to choose, take the sage advice of Clint Eastwood, who tells GQ that people who say gays shouldn't be allowed to marry should mind their own damn business. Hey, don't call The Juice*; get it straight from the mouth of Dirty Harry himself:

"These people who are making a big deal about gay marriage?" Eastwood tells the mag. "I don't give a f--- about who wants to get married to anybody else! Why not?! We're making a big deal out of things we shouldn't be making a deal out of ... Just give everybody the chance to have the life they want."

Spoken like a true Republican. Because that's what Clint is, an 81-year-old, lifelong Republican, which he also mentions.

"I was an Eisenhower Republican when I started out at 21, because he promised to get us out of the Korean War," Eastwood says. "And over the years, I realized there was a Republican philosophy that I liked. And then they lost it. And libertarians had more of it. Because what I really believe is, let's spend a little more time leaving everybody alone." You heard The Man With No Name. Dare you cross him?

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[Last modified: Friday, September 16, 2011 3:21pm]


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