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Comedian Faizon Love feuds with Naples comedy club owner over alleged racist remark



tbd-faizonlove092111.jpgComedian Faizon Love is persona non grata at a Naples comedy club, after he walked out on a show over the weekend -- or was kicked out, depending on who's telling you the story. All because he allegedly heard the manager make a racist remark. Or was drunk and disorderly. This may take awhile to unravel.

The funnyman said he was slated to perform six shows from last Thursday through Sunday at Capt. Brien's Off the Hook Comedy Club, but left Saturday when he allegedly overheard, "the skipper telling a waitress "N-----s don't tip enough" Saturday after the first show, So I canceled Sunday," he wrote on Twitter via @FAIZONLOVE. This led to a war of tweets between Love and the club's owner, Brien Spina, who says the comedian was fired for showing up late and getting drunk.

Love disputed that account, saying he had one glass of wine that was sent up to him by a woman from the audience, that he doesn't normally drink. His opening act, Magnum Jackson, said that's not quite the truth: "I have no problem w/ Faiz... He was just unprofessional this weekend. Showed up late to every show got drunk" he wrote via @MagnumJackson. He and Love were still going at it on Tuesday, too.

"This has nothing to do with black or white or anything. That never came up until he started tweeting," Spina told "He’s trying to make it that way to make me look like a bad guy." He added in a press release, "Mr. Love's Twitter postings are an audaciously calculated attempt to cover-up his grotesque lack of professionalism and actions that might be considered consistent with a substance abuse problem."

Meanwhile, Love said he was going to clean up Florida's comedy clubs the only way he knows how: By owning them. "Ok listen up Fort Meyers I'm going to give you 2000.00 for the person that finds me the perfect place to open a Comedy Club in Fort Meyers," he tweeted. The market in Naples is obviously already cornered.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 2:50pm]


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