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Comedy club patron wants apology from Eddie Griffin over lesbian jokes



tbd-eddiegriffin072612.jpgHot on the heels of the Daniel Tosh rape joke fiasco, comedian Eddie Griffin is about to be sued by a San Jose, Calif., woman who says he singled her out and embarrassed her at a comedy club because she was a lesbian. And when we say singled her out, we mean he started grinding his hips in her face and saying he would bed both women to "show them a good time."

Fiona Walshe, 39, was at Tommy T'S Comedy Club in Pleasonton, Calif., on July 13 watching an admittedly drunk Griffin perform, the Contra Costa Times reports. She said Griffin noticed she wasn't laughing, so he approached Walshe and partner Leslie Champlin.

"I get that you could get heckled about your hair or what you are wearing," she told the paper. "But when he saw (Champlin's) hand on my shoulder, you could see his facial expression change. It was like that action gave him the green light." That's when the hip-grinding began, so she threw her drink in his face and she and Champlin both left, all the while being pelted by water bottles and salt and pepper shakers, which Eddie was throwing from other patron's tables.

"I was like a deer caught in headlights," Walshe said. "I felt violated and stunned. I wasn’t expecting it to be so harsh and derogatory . . . . That’s when I threw my drink at him, because I didn’t think he was going to stop. He was thrusting his genitals at my face, and it felt like it was the only defense I had — to throw my drink at him to stop."

The club did not help the pair leave the club, and issued a statement saying that Griffin was only doing his job and "all races, genders, religions and stereotypes ... are open for material." It's good to know we can expect Eddie Griffin to thrust his junk at our faces for any reason the next time he's in town. It begs the question, is it really a joke if no one thinks it's funny?

Walshe plans to sue the club and the comedian if they don't apologize -- with their wallets: "Anybody can say 'I'm sorry,' " Walshe said. "A child can say it a thousand times. But unless there is a monetary factor here, (their apologies) will not make a statement." We're guessing comp tickets won't work this time, either.

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