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Cops think Ariel Winter's mom is lying about things




While we all wait for the next court hearing for Modern Family actress Ariel Winter, so we can learn what happens to her mother after being accused of abuse, we at least know who started that rumor 14-year-old Ariel wanted to move in with an 18-year-old boyfriend. Dear old ma did, cops say.

TMZ says Chrystal (or Chris) Workman told police about an alleged Sept. 24 incident: "I caught my daughter with her boyfriend in bed -- she's 14. He's 18 and I threw him out and I broke them up," she said. Sounds like the police aren't buying the goods, though, partly because Chris didn't tell police until after the Oct. 3 restraining order was put in place, after Ariel was removed from the home. In fact, the site says, the authorities don't believe Ariel and the 18-year-old in question have any kind of intimate relationship.

Meanwhile, if you're worried about what may happen to Winter's money, don't buy Chrystal's story that Ariel's sister Shannelle Workman just wanted custody so she could get into Ariel's bank account. TMZ notes Winter's older sister never asked for any money, and the temporary court order prevents anyone besides Ariel from having access to the actress' bank accounts.

Winter, meanwhile was back on set Friday morning as usual, the site marvels. That's likely because all this happened more than a month ago, so it's not like she just got yanked out of her house two days ago.

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