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Courtenay Semel told guard to 'Google me'



You might not know the name Courtenay Semel -- not as an actress, at least, since her only roles were as "Bratty Kid" in 1991's Hudson Hawk and 2000's Sweetie Pie, which was never released and featured luminaries like Whitestarr's Cisco Adler and The Hilton Who Shall Not Be Named. But she expected a security guard at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to know, dagnabbit.

Tbdcourtenaysemel103108 The guard, Jaroslaw Jarczok, filed a lawsuit against the 28-year-old after she allegedy smacked him around at PURE nightclub last August when she was "quite intoxicated due to alcohol and/or chemical or other substances," TMZ says. Who would have seen that coming from Tila Tequila's girlfriend? (That's where we've heard that name before ...)

The battery went down after Jarczok put the cuffs on, drawing Semel's ire. She shouted out:

"Do you even know who I am, f---ing idiot? ... Google me, you dumb f---!"

Now, forget for a moment that she's about as famous as your local garbage collector and drink in the fact that her rich daddy is billionaire Terry Semel, former head of Warner Bros. and Google rival Yahoo!. If she wants him to help her with the unspecified damages Jarczok is seeking, she might need to Google his new phone number.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:08am]


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