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Courtney Love ordered to gain 15 pounds

Tbd-courtneylove070309 If you've seen Courtney Love lately, you know she's looking more like Kurt Cobain than herself, thanks to dramatic weight loss that's pushed a doctor to recommend she put on some weight. We've been saying that about famous women for years!

"I know I've got too skinny," she says in Grazia magazine. "I know I need to sort it out. I am going to put on 15 pounds in one month."

The 44-year-old says she was surprised when the mag asked her to step on a scale and she came in at 118 pounds, not good for a 5-foot-10 woman.

"I do not have body dysmorphia. Seriously, I want to get fatter. You know, when I was 192 pounds, I thought I looked hot!" she says. "(My doctor) gave me a massive shot of vitamins and told me to start eating."

Of course, she blames her recent lawsuit against the lawyers handling Cobain's estate, and doesn't sound fully convinced about needing to gain a few pounds.

'I need to start working out again," she says. "It's the stress -- you have no idea what it has been like these last few months. I need to get to the bottom of this fraud, I need answers.'

We have an answer: Try a deep dish pizza once in awhile, and make sure to call your sponsor.

[Photo: Love back in February. Trust us, she's looking much worse now. Getty Images]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:43am]


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