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Creepy tattoo questions plague Brad Pitt



Think being a celebrity isn't tough? The biggest buzz coming out of Brad Pitt's interview with Oprah Winfrey is crazy fan Christina, who asked some creepy questions about his tattoos. The fact that Pitt refused to answer personal questions about why he got them and what they mean has drawn fire from some people, but we think that's because those people are as looney as Christina.

"My question is, how many tattoos do you have?" she asks. "I'm very interested in knowing the meaning, especially the Iceman and the new one that you have under the Daniel Pearl quote."(For the record, the iceman in question is Otzi, the 5,300-year-old European mummy found in the Alps. Watch the interview above.)

After pursing his lips and obviously wondering where Christina has set up the camera in his house, Brad begs off showing the tats and says it's way too close to home for him to answer.

"If you have a partner, it's great fun, it's a great thing to go do together," Brad explains, "and it becomes personal and special in its own right, and I'd rather leave it at that."

Now we ask you, what's wrong with not wanting to tell anyone, even a self-described 17-year fan, why you had something permanently scrawled onto your body? Our money is on him telling Pax and Maddox they can't get their own, so he has to cover up. Meanwhile, he might want to check for surveillance equipment strategically placed by Christina.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:10am]


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