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Cruise smells trouble



There's really no delicate way to say this: Tom Cruise wants to know who farted. According to a report Cruise in London's Daily Mail, which is only slightly less reputable than our own reuben-induced fever dreams, Cruise organized a moment of silence on the set for the anti-Nazi heroes that are the subject of his upcoming film "Valkyrie," when someone reportedly cut the mustard. "Fortunately the mystery trumper didn't completely ruin the situation," a source tells the rag. "Quite rightly, Tom is furious. ... For somebody to pass wind in a situation like that is unforgiveable." (Heh heh -- "trumper.") Cruise has reportedly vowed to hunt down the guilty party and tell 'em to, um, stick it where the sun don't shine. Sorry, Tommy, but only four words came to our mind when we heard this story: "He who smelt it." (Yes, we are currently in third grade. More YooHoo please!)

(Photo: Getty Images.)

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:22am]


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