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Cynthia Rodriguez speaks about A-Rod divorce



Alex Rodriguez's soon-to-be ex-wife Cynthia debunks all of our precious gossip in an interview with the New York Post, saying she still loves her husband, isn't "out to mutilate him" and didn't have a fling with Lenny Kravitz. What fun is that?

Tbdcynthiarodriguez071108 "Not one word of those stories is true. I never before in all my married life together ever went away without my husband or family. Not once in 13 years," she told the Post. "I did not spend one dollar shopping in Paris. I did not go to super-fancy expensive restaurants. I did not go to any spa. I didn't do one thing. I spent the most innocent four days with my children's godparents, who are as close to us as family. My husband and I were already into our problems and I didn't know where to go, what to do. I needed to think. To clear my head."

And there was no issue with her heading off to Paris. In fact: "I needed to get away. With clear-headed friends. To breathe. To think how I'm going to handle my kids. I just needed a little time. My husband knew I was going. He encouraged it."

A-Rod encouraged it? He must have thought France had some kind of chemical in the cheese that keeps jilted wives from suing for half. He may get off easy, since she wails about how this will be the first divorce on her side of the family, ever. Then again, maybe she'll make the settlement one to remember.

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