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D.A. says Chris Brown may have faked his community service records




Frank Ocean may have agreed to not charge Chris Brown for allegedly jumping him in a parking lot, but that doesn't mean Breezy's out of trouble. In fact, word is the L.A. County district attorney is claiming Chris may have faked his community service records after beating Rihanna, and has several other probation violations.

The D.A. is saying that while Richmond, Va., Police Chief Bryan Norwood wrote a letter to Brown's judge last September saying the performer had completed 202 days of community service when only 180 days were required, something is off about the whole situation, TMZ reports. Brown allegedly performed his duty at Tappahannock Children's Center in Virginia, where his mother was once a director, performing handyman work.

The issues begin with the admission by Richmond P.D. that they only supervised Brown nine or 10 times, and took his word for showing up the rest of the time. Unfortunately, some of that time included dates Chris was touring out of the country. There's also the matter of a janitor at the center saying he was coached to lie about other people waxing the floor at the establishment. People like Chris Brown.

The D.A., who calls Brown's documentation "at best sloppy ... and at worst fraudulent reporting" after a personal investigation, says Brown and Norwood had a prior relationship, and that Chris' mother worked out a deal to let her son perform his duty outside the center's normal operating hours. Not only that, but Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos allegedly told the police department's lawyer how to answer questions about Brown's service, and told his client's probation officer the L.A. court ordered Brown's case to be given to Norwood instead of the probation department, when no such order was given.

If that isn't enough to raise some eyebrows, the district attorneyt also wants Brown's other off-hours adventures looked into as potential probation violations (besides the Ocean fight), including Brown testing positive for marijuana, failing to get a permit to travel, that whole cellphone thing in Miami and trashing the green room at Good Morning America, the site adds.

That's way more serious than NBA player Tony Parker using this latest fracas as further justification for his $20 million lawsuit against the New York nightclub where Brown got into a fight with Drake last June. Parker filed papers basically claiming W.i.P. is responsible for glass from a broken bottle that landed in his eye, because they should've known Brown was a malcontent that shouldn't be allowed anywhere in public, ever.

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