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Dancing With Myself ...and my instructor, and a whole lotta local TV personalities, and a cheerleader, and I think Deb Lafave might have been in there somewhere



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As I promised way back, um, this afternoon (see directly below), here's a quick firsthand account of my performance Thursday night at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center in the Celebrity Dancing in Tampa Bay event:

I was awful.

Alright, I owe you more, but I've been told to keep these posts short and sweet. Plus I really don't want to kick off my contributions to this blog writing so much about me. (I'd far prefer other people write a lot about... me.)

So here's the deal: I have courageously provided the tiny pic above, completely unretouched, of my dance with partner Denise Rivera. ...Even though that super-tight white shirt, and that particular bent-over angle make my waistline (mostly unfairly) look Seagal-ish in proportion.

I'm writing a column about the event, and in a day or two, I'll provide the highlights and a link to the col here. Meanwhile, here are insights on a couple of dancers who shared the stage with me Thursday:Royalsmug

Former Bucs punter Mark Royals: The tallest man alive. He makes WFLA weathergolem Steve "Fire Bad!" Jerve look like Hervé Villechaize. (By which I mean, he makes Steve Jerve look... dead. And, um... Filipino.)Haigmug

Florida Orchestra associate conductor Susan Haig: She entertained us during rehearsals in an unexpected way. Haig can perform every single Wu-Tang Clan song by memory. From Protect Ya Neck to Gravel Pit, she has the entire repertoire down. (At one point, Channel 8 anchor Gayle Guyardo had a tear in her eye, remarking, "It's like Old Dirty Bastard is right here in the room.")

More to come on upcoming Juice updates. Need to let my soccer buddy Josh work in 50 or so posts in the meantime. Stay tuned. (Promise they'll be a lot tighter from here on out, Josh.) [Rick, Royals photos: Amy Scherzer, Times staff. Haig photo: Times files.]

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