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Dawn Holland cut a deal with Lindsay Lohan's people after not pressing charges




Did you ever wonder why the Betty Ford Clinic worker who was caught up in that alleged fight with Lindsay Lohan eventually refused to testify against the (snicker) actress? Well, she had a reason. You could say she had 25,000 reasons. Oh, like you didnt' suspect it.

RadarOnline says Dawn Holland cut a deal to get $25,000 from LiLo's people after she declined to press charges for a supposed assault at the clinic while Lindsay was still a patient there. That case was a sticky wicket for Lohan, who would have gone back to jail if a judge found she had violated her parole.

"Dawn agreed to a $25,000 payment from someone directly associated with Lohan's camp," a source told the site. "Dawn wanted the amount paid upfront. But Lohan's camp wanted to spread it out over a period of a few months, paying her in installments. That didn’t suit Dawn, so the parties then agreed, in principle, for Lindsay to participate in a sit-down television interview with Dawn." Problem is, the deal didn't go through, so Holland on Thursday fired her attorney, Keith Davidson.

This source never says the deal was to keep Dawn quiet (or whether Lindsay even knew about it), but come one, we all know that's what it was for. It doesn't matter, anyway, because Dawn wasn't smart enough to get payment up front. That'll teach you to take someone's word!

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[Last modified: Friday, January 21, 2011 2:26pm]


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