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Dead Space will be another video game movie



Tbd-deadspace072809 Last week we told you geek god Sam Raimi was turning his attention to a Warcraft movie, but that's not the only video game coming to the big screen, oh no. Why would Hollywood invest time and effort into creating original characters when there are so many flimsy, action-based plots to rip off?

The latest game to get this treatment is Electronic Arts' Dead Space, last year's modest hit about a space miner stuck in a ship full of mutant alien zombie monsters called Necromorphs. That's right, zombies in space. The Juice* loved it. Variety says Eagle Eye director D.J. Caruso will be in charge, which is not the best news.

Meanwhile, four other EA titles are in various states of production: Army of Two, about a pair of wisecracking mercenaries; The Sims, in which players control boring people doing boring things; Mass Effect, a sci-fi franchise that would cost a lot to do it right; and Dante's Inferno, a game about a battle through hell that hasn't even been released yet.

That's not to mention a Gears of War movie from New Line and DreamWorks' planned Defender, billed as a drama. And did we mention that Saw director James Wan may be making a Castlevania movie? There's also some adaptation of Joust floating around out there, proving that comic books aren't the only realm of nerdery being exploited to exhaustion.

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