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Demi Lovato sooo isn't dating a Jonas brother



Tbddemilovato121708 In case your dreams were fraught with visions of Demi Lovato dating your favorite Jonas brother, forget it. The 16-year-old Camp Rock star says that's not going to happen  especially with Joe, since that would be illegal in most states.

"I've never kissed a Jonas brother, period," Lovato tells Seventeen. "That would be kind of weird. Even in Camp Rock, Joe and I never kissed. We're all friends, but they're not the type of guys that I'd be into dating –- or else I'd be dating one!"

Whoa-ho-ho! Someone has a high opinion of themselves. But it's good to know she wouldn't commit the emotional equivalent of incest.

"They've become like brothers to me," she says. "I even put on my glasses and wear sweatpants around them because you wouldn't put makeup on for just your brothers."

Yeah, because the lesson is you can't be yourself around boys you like. She boasts about how she talks about conspiracy theories with 16-year-old Nick (such as purported mind control by Disney, perhaps?) But says 19-year-old Joe is her closest pal.

"I can definitely call Joe a best friend," she says. "On one of the first nights of filming Camp Rock, we sat there and spilled everything, and I talked about how I was bullied in school when I was younger. It was emotional, but it brought us close. I'm able to go to all of them with my problems."

Like how all those Miley Cyrus fans are such haters, and they should just leave her pal Selena Gomez alone! Jeez, it's, like, sooo tough being young and famous, you guys.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:14am]


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