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Detroit really will be getting a Robocop statue




It looks like all the social media petitions and picketing of city hall have finally brought change to Detroit. No, we're not talking about reinvigorating the job market or shoring up free-falling real estate prices, this is important: The Motor City is gonna have a statue of Robocop.

"The statue's definitely coming," campaign organizer Jerry Paffendorf told the Detroit News. "The only thing that's up in the air is the timeline and where it's going to to go." That's technically two things, actually, but Paffendorf says MGM has licensed the character's image, so statue designer Fred Barton's life-sized model of Officer Murphy is now being scanned in British Columbia to be resized into the 10-foot size required for bronze casting. Since Detroit allegedly used to have some sort of industrial infrastructure, the actual metal casting will be done in town.

One potential location is on private land near the Michigan Central Depot train station. The property is owned by the urban-cleanup nonprofit Imagination Station, where Paffendorf works. The company helped raise the $50,000 needed to make the statue after people pleaded with Mayor Dave Bing last year to allow the cyborg gumshoe to be immortalized in the city he cleaned up in the violent 1987 satire (and its two awful sequels, a cartoon and a remake in the works). Hey, if Philadelphia can have a Rocky Balboa statue ...

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