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Dominic Monaghan says Matthew Fox 'beats women ... often'


It was an eventful Memorial Day weekend for former Lost star Dominic Monaghan, who went on a Twitter rampage against former costar Matthew Fox, accusing him of beating women and being an all-around jerk. Look, it's okay to have a beer at the barbecue, Dom, but in this country we at least pretend to practice a little decorum.

After a Twitter fan asked Monaghan to "holla at matthew fox,", Dominic replied via @DomsWildThings,"he beats women. No thanks." This is response to allegations that Fox last year drunkenly attacked a female bus driver in Cleveland, punching her in the vagina and getting arrested but not charged. The Twitter fan defended Fox, so Dominic added, "how do you know we ever did?you don't know either of us.he beats women.not isolated incidents.often.not interested."

But the plot thickens: Monaghan continued his rant when a fan said Fox should sue him for defamation for making such an accusation, so he wrote, "an accusation is when you"claim" someone did something wrong.i know.but hey little fan girl maybe want to get slapped" following up with, "and it's very difficult to sue someone for speaking the truth. Have you received an education dear?"

Fox didn't respond to this odd online assault, but some unnamed sources told TMZ the pair hadn't worked together in years, so the rant was a bit odd. Maybe Monaghan is just sad Charlie drowned all those years ago.

[Photo: Dom and Matt in 2005. Getty Images]

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[Last modified: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 3:33pm]


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