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Dr. Cowell to the rescue



Maybe all those times Simon Cowell was abusing "American Idol" contestants, he was only trying to help them. While judging on the panel of "X Factor," the British version of "American Idol," Cowell and Sharon Osbourne told a 46-year-old contestant she sounded like she was choking and should visit a doctor. Turns out, Jacqui Gray did -- and the doc told her she had the potentially fatal lung disease bronchiectasis. "I may not have got through 'X Factor,' but they gave me something much more important than that," she told the Mirror. "They really did save my life."

Dr. Cowell's official diagnosis?


(Photo illustration credit: AP, MS Paint, and shame, so much shame.)

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:22am]


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