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Eddie Griffin has more money than brains



Think about this: After you drove your Honda Civic or old Chevy Cavalier into work yesterday, comedian Eddie Griffin was driving around a rare Ferrari Enzo around a racetrack in California. For the uninitiated, only 400 Ferrari Enzo models were ever built between 2002 and 2004, and they have a price tag of about $1.5-million. The bad news is, the 38-year-old Griffin crashed that Enzo into a wall at Irwindale Speedway, totalling the ride, the AP says. "Undercover Brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the Brother can't drive," said Griffin, referring to his 2002 movie, after the accident.

The really bad news: While he was driving the car for a charity race to promote his upcoming flick Redline, the Enzo actually belonged to the movie's executive producer Daniel Sadek, whose exotic car collection is featured in the movie. "I'm glad Eddie came out of the crash OK, but my dream car got destroyed," Sadek said. "I went to my trailer for about 15 minutes and I thought, 'There's people dying every day. A lot of worse things are happening in the world.' " Yeah, like another Eddie Griffin movie coming out.

Update: CBS has been kind enough to offer footage of the crash here.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:09am]


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