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Ellen may have been dumping dogs before



Tbdellendegenersportia102307 It sounds like Ellen DeGeneres is a master of palming off unwanted pooches. The New York Post’s Page Six quotes an L.A. producer who says she gave Ellen a mutt named Stormy two years ago, but less than two months later DeGeneres had given the dog to a staff member.

“She may have had it for much less time than that. I only say two months because that’s when I called to check on the dog and found out she no longer had it,” Kerri Randles said. “I was totally shocked. I thought she was out of her mind.”

And this may be a recurring problem: Howard Stern told his Sirius radio show audience that rumor has it Ellen has ditched unwanted dogs nine times previously. That’s a lot of abandonment.

Randles says she had taken the pooch to Ellen at NBC studios, where DeGeneres “drilled” her about the dog for four hours and decided to take it home for a trial run, then said a few days later she’d keep it. “She acted like she was keeping it for life,” Randles said.

We’re sure she acted that way with Anne Heche, too. What? Too soon?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:24am]


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