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Eminem's meeting with Bruno on MTV may have been staged. But how much?

If you caught Sunday nights MTV Movie Awards, you're no doubt still reeling from what was easily the most memorable moment of the show: Sacha Baron Cohen's gay fashionista Bruno landing bottom to top on Eminem's lap, which resulted in some extreme cheek to cheek action. Hilarious! Especially since Marshall Mathers has always been accused of being a homophobe. But now people are shocked -- SHOCKED! -- that the whole thing may have been staged. Well, doy, it is MTV, guys.

It's easy enough to assume that Cohen's stunt -- in which he flapped over the audience in a jock strap and angel wings, ostensibly got his "kugelsack" tied up in the rigging and then fell to earth, landing face down on Em -- was planned, as the rapper's camp is saying. In fact, the L.A. Times even points out that producer Mark Burnett hinted about the stunt to Hollyscoop by touting Mathers' appearance on the show, saying "Eminem -- It's epic tonight! It's epic!"

But what was not so apparent was whether Em was expecting to really be the butt of a joke, quite literally. Rumor across the InterSphere says Marshall expected Cohen to land in the rapper's lap, but not facedown. Some of this may be evident by the amount of swearing and punching from Eminem and his bodyguards in the video above. One thing's for sure, though: We now definitely do not know if Eminem does or does not hate gays. Wait, what?

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:38am]


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