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Emma Watson is 18, rich and well-educated



Tbdemmawatson041808_2 Yesterday we had Harry Potter's Rupert Grint dropping science about starlets, but today we find out Emma Watson, a.k.a. Hermione Granger, just got paid simply for turning 18. The New York Daily News says that since Watson turned legal on Tuesday, she now has access to the $20 million she's pulled together for filming the series since she was 9.

But unlike most celeb parents, Watson's folks made sure she wouldn't blow through her cash like Todd Bridges on a bender. Watson has been given a lesson in money management by Coutts bank, the same institution that manages the Queen of England's riches. She's learned the basics of economics, investing and philanthropy, which gives her a leg up on 99 percent of American taxpayers.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:41am]


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