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Emma Watson doesn't work for Chanel -- yet



Tbdemmawatson061908 Don't expect to see Emma Watson shilling Coco Mademoiselle just yet -- the L.A. Times is reporting that the initial report in the U.K.'s Sun of her $6 million contract from Chanel is not true. But Chanel seemed to take their time to let everyone know that, letting the report seep into every pore of gossipy outlets everywhere.

But why?

"It's the company's policy not to make a statement if the report is not true," a rep for the company told the Times. "For instance, when Audrey Tautou's contract was leaked to the press, we issued a statement because it was true, she was being put under contract."

That's pretty circuitous logic; It's not like it doesn't concern their business. And yet, they refused to address it: "We are only allowed to speak to reporters about this. We cannot widely release a statement that the report isn't true."

Still, they seemed intent on following how the story is going.

"The story did take on a life of its own," the rep said. "It was everywhere. And I can understand why everyone thought it was true because we do often work with Emma Watson, dressing her for events. And she's adorable."

Adorable enough to maybe replace Keira Knightley for real? We'll see.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:48am]


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