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Emma Watson is leaving Brown, going to Oxford in the fall



rsz_tbd-emmawatson072011.jpgThere has been very little going on in Celebrityville that doesn't involve divorce, so The Juice* has to make do with gossip like, ooooo, where is Emma Watson going to college next year. Well, she's going to Oxford in the fall. So there's that. Want more? Okay, here it goes ...

The 21-year-old, whom we said in April was leaving Brown for an unknown school, has announced she's headed back across the pond for her junior year. "I'm still a student at Brown," she confirms to People. "It's just that I'll spend my third year abroad, at Oxford. Then I'll return to Brown to complete my last year."

So it seems those stories that the students at Brown teasing her unmercifully for her Harry Potter fame aren't true, after all. Well, they may be true, but it's only enough to make her run screaming back to England for a year. After that, she's the Ivy League's problem again.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 3:20pm]


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