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Former Michael Jackson bodyguard says singer wanted brother Randy shot


One of Michael Jackson's former bodyguards is revealing a lot about the late singer, telling the world that MJ did all sorts of things like bleach his own skin, was obsessed with Pamela Anderson and had become a Nazi sympathizer. But let's start with how he once ordered his bodyguards to shoot his brother Randy.

Martial artist Matt Fiddes says in 2005 MJ was fighting with his brothers so much, he didn't want any of them near him. They apparently wanted him to sign on to a $500 million Jackson Five reunion tour, which Michael refused to do, so one day in 2005, Randy tried to force his way past a bunch of security to see MJ.

"He was out of mind on drugs and luckily Randy was okay. Michael shouted at the bodyguards that he wanted Randy shot, and Randy really feared he'd be killed. I don't think Michael ever intended to kill him and told the guards to shoot him in the leg," Fiddes told the U.K.'s Sun. "But Randy was so scared he got on the phone and threatened to call the press. He told the bodyguards, 'If you shoot me the whole world will know about it.' He then backed off and got out."

Among the other revelations is that Jackson was indeed a straight man, because he tried to hook up with Anderson because of all her surgically enhanced assets. Fiddes also said Michael had weird habits like hiding a huge stash of porn, kept a voodoo doll of Steven Spielberg because the singer was starting to become anti-Semitic near the end of his life, almost burned off his penis by pouring bleach on it, and hated Madonna so much he named one of his poisous snakes after her. Oh, and he tried to buy the Speaker's chair from the House of Commons in England's parliament because he was "the King of Pop."

There's no telling if any of these claims have even a grain of truth to them, but Fiddes is currently trying to prove he's the biological father of Jackson's son Blanket.

"I gave Michael a sperm sample in 2001 when he told me he wanted to create an 'athletic child,' and I just want it to be acknowledged with a DNA test," Fiddes said. We're sure the family will consent to that, no problem.

[Photo: Michael and Randy in 2004. Getty Images]


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