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Fox wants an Oscar for Andy Serkis' CGI performance




If Fox has its way, you may see a first for the Oscars next year: The company's film division is making a push for the Academy to consider Andy Serkis for a best supporting actor nomination for playing Caesar the super-intelligent CGI chimpanzee, a role in which he technically is never onscreen. Hey, if Marisa Tomei can actually win one, this should be a cakewalk.

"I think we may be at the place where we will see a first-ever in Hollywood this year, which is to see Andy Serkis get nominated for a best supporting actor for (Rise of the) Planet of the Apes, even though his face never actually appears," Fox Filmed Entertainment CEO Tom Rothman told the Hollywood Reporter. "But his performance appears, so we are going to push that hard."

Mind you, Serkis was passed over for playing Gollum in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and nobody from Avatar was even considered, although that may have more to do with space marines fighting blue cat people than CGI.

"I think part of what we have to do is help educate people to understand that that is 100 percent his performance," Rothman said. "It is great emotional acting. Tom Hanks didn't have to say any dialogue in Castaway for it to be a great performance." What are you talking about? He said "Wilson!" about 10,000 times.

[Photo: James Franco feels your pain, Andy. Twentieth Century Fox]


[Last modified: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:09pm]


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