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Gary Coleman's widow Shannon Price talks to 'Good Morning America'

While legal eagles are wrapping up the mess surrounding Gary Coleman's funeral, his ex-wife Shannon Price rolled up to a video camera in a wheelchair to discuss his death with Good Morning America. Yes, she's so grief-stricken she can give exclusive interviews.

"(I) would take my own life before I would ever, ever harm him," she told GMA, saying that the accident happened after she sent Gary downstairs to prepare her some food. “People can say whatever they want. I know the truth. I would never hurt my husband, ever.”

She wouldn't hurt her husband, but she would be behind several photos of Gary laid up in the hospital, moments before his death. She is posing next to her dying ex-husband in one of them, TMZ reports, but one of him after his death was not part of an apparent five-figure deal to a tabloid. But she's oh-so-sorry.

"We discussed about death a few times and he always said he would be very unfair if he left me and I really respect that," Price said "because I loved him and he loved me and we just can't live without each other."She even said they had plans to remarry, but we call shenanigans on that.

She'll have to live without having control of his body, though. Now that former manager Dion Mial has been given control of Coleman's estate, he has announced that Gary's body will be cremated, per his wishes. His parents have dropped their burial plans, but are insisting that foul play was part of his death. Good thing Shannon's in that wheelchair. Say, why is she in that wheelchair?

“I have had a lot of health issues. I have seizures, I have anxiety,” she said. “I miss my husband a lot. I can barely get around. It’s been a trial.”

Maybe she can use the money from the photos she sold to pay for treatment. And by treatment, we mean of the electro-shock variety.

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