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George Clooney pays for German man's meal




As George Clooney didn't already have it all -- looks, babes, bucks, talent, a giving spirit and a lake villa in Italy -- he demonstrated peerless class by paying for the dinner of a Berlin man he feared he had disturbed while eating. Wow, try getting someone to do that in your local Chick-fil-A.

The English-language website says a man at the Grill Royal restaurant asked his waiter for the check for his $140 dinner, but was surprised to hear Clooney had paid for it. The waiter said Clooney apologized for he and his friends potentially disturbing the man while in town to shoot The Monuments Men, about art historians struggling to save priceless works from the Nazis. Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon and Bill Murray will be coming to town to work on that one.

"That's not true at all. They had behaved in a very cultivated manner. I was stunned," the man told the Bild newspaper. The lucky diner hadn't even recognized Clooney, and left his business card to one day return the favor. Because Clooney probably has lots of trouble picking up the check most days, we're sure.

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