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George Lucas: No time for 'Indiana Jones 5'




Is George Lucas prepping for another Indiana Jones movie? According to E! News, not anytime soon. Despite speculation that Shia LaBeouf might take over the franchise, Lucas insists the research and time involved in making a decent sequel make it unlikely we'll see Indiana Jones 5 anytime soon. "That sits on the shelf there as one of 50 projects that I have to deal with," he said. "It's Very hard to come up with stories for that thing ... (A plot is) really impossible, because it has to be real. It has to be something that actually happens, it has to be something people know about, and it has to be supernatural."

Wow, George Lucas has 50 projects on his shelf? We now know Indy 5 is up there, but what else? Thankfully The Juice* has obtained this exclusive list of Lucas's other 49 unfinished projects:

Star Wars: Episode VII: Cloud City Rockers

Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Resurrection Of Greedo

Star Wars: Episode IX: One Hand Luke

Star Wars: Episode X: Jabba Gets Jiggy

Star Wars: Episode XI: Just Shut Up And Take It, You Stupid Nerds

Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope: Collector’s Edition: More F---ing Lasers

Star Wars, But With A New Six-Second Snippet Of A New Digital Character; Let’s Call Him, Oh, Lieutentant Tulailo

Star Wars, But With A New Six-Second Snippet Of A New Digital Character; Let’s Call Him, Oh, Lieutentant Tulailo: Director’s Cut

Indiana Jones and the Nightmare at the Cineplex

Indiana Jones and the Lost Eight Dollars

Indiana Jones and the Abandoned Pretense of a Plot

Indiana Jones and the Destruction of Childhood Memories

Indiana Jones and the Seriously, I Will Hold A Grudge Against George Lucas For The Rest Of My Life Because Of That Movie

Indiana Jones and the Missing Pinkie of Shia

The Shia LaBeouf Experience, Featuring Indiana Jones

The Clone Wars: People Will Watch This?

Lucasfilm Ltd. Logo: The Movie

The Neckbeard Chronicles

Alien (remake)

Aliens (remake)

Alien vs. Predator (remake)

Alien vs. Jar Jar

Alien vs. Alien

Alien Graffiti

Bob & Carol & Ted & Aliens

...And Justice For Aliens

Willow, But With Aliens

Star Wars, But With Greasers

Lucasfilm Ltd. Logo: The Movie 2: Also, There Are Aliens In It

I’m Telling You, If There’s One Thing People Are Clamoring For More Of In Today’s Society, It’s Aliens

The Dark Knight: I Bought The Rights To It, And Digitally Inserted Some Aliens

Yet Another Star Wars DVD Set: The Movie

Ewok The Line

THX: 1138: TXH In Tha Hood

The Elderly Indiana Jones Chronicles

Padawan School Musical

Robot Chicken: I Should Get A Cut Of That

Family Guy, Too

Hayden Christensen’s Rat-Tail: The IMAX Experience

My Dinner With Salacious Crumb

Marcus Brody, PI

The Devil Wears Plaid Buttondowns

Indiana Jones and the Early Bird Special

C3P0’s Cereal: Can We Still Make Money Off It?

Sy Snoodles: Live At Red Rocks

Industrial Light & Mindfreaking

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins 2

Frank Darabont Made The Shawshank Redemption, And You’re Telling Us He Couldn’t Have Written A More Believable Script For Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull? Really? That’s What You’re Telling Us? That’s The Story You’re Sticking With? Fine, Just Checking

Every Movie I Just Listed, But With An Additional 'Aliens’ In The Title


That's the list ... but gee, we can't help feeling we're leaving some titles out. Any Star Wars or Indiana Jones fans out there want to help us out in the comments?

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:56am]


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