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Gisele Bundchen won't wear sunscreen, calls it 'poison'




Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has made another asinine comment, once again angering experts and average Janes everywhere by calling sunscreen "poison." Well, she did claim childbirth didn't hurt one bit and there should be an international law making breastfeeding compulsory.

"I cannot put this poison on my skin," the 30-year-old said about putting on sun tan lotion. "I do not use anything synthetic." Could this be because she has a line of organic skin-care products? She defended all her sun-kissed advertisements by saying she never worked in sunlight after 8 a.m., when the sun was presumably less harmful. Uhmm ...

There are all sorts of wrong things about this kind of statement, but we'll use one quote from one doctor cited in the U.K.'s Daily Mail:  "Sunscreen prevents damage to the skin and is of fundamental importance for the prevention of cancer," said Dolival Loao, head of dermatology at Brazil's National Cancer Institute. "This is not any poison, when a public person makes a statement like this, it creates confusion." Not only that, but she's so tan she's either lying about her exposure or she's using spray-on tanner, which last we checked was about as synthetic as the meat in a Taco Bell taco.

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[Last modified: Friday, February 4, 2011 2:26pm]


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