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Gordon Ramsay needs a cup of shut yer mouth



Tbdramsay083007 Culinary cad Gordon Ramsay is speaking out about a lawsuit against him alleging he faked his reality show, but his mouth is only making things worse.

As reported earlier in The Juice*, Ramsay has been sued by Martin Hyde, the manager of a restaurant featured on his Kitchen Nightmares show, alleging the celeb chef hiring actors to pose as guests, planting spoiled meat and fixing a chair to fall apart, all of which Gordon denies.

“I would never-ever-ever dream of setting anything up,” Ramsay told Television Week. “I want to sleep at night. We were issued a writ because, God bless America, if the toilet paper is not thick enough and you come out with a rash on your arse (you’ll get sued).”

Then he added: “Trying to say I set up a wobbly chair — this is supposed to be the most powerful nation in the world, not the most pathetic.” Not so pathetic as to keep him from flying across the pond to suck up all our undervalued U.S. dollars though, huh? Bam!

[Photo: The angry Brit with wife Tana. Getty Images]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:19am]


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