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Guy who punched Jersey Shore's Snooki convicted, is a high school teacher



As a follow up to our item about MTV's Jersey Shore earlier this week, we'd like to point out that the toolbox who is seen punching house member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi in the face at a bar not only was convicted for the punch, but hey, he's a high school teacher, too. Nice.

Brad Ferro, of Deer Park, N.Y., was found guilty of simple assault, fined $500 and got a six-month suspended jail sentence, TMZ reports. He was arrested Aug. 19 after punching Snooki at the Beachcomber Bar & Grill in Seaside Heghts, N.J., the New York Post reminds us. The transgression: He stole her drink and punched her when she confronted him about it. His occupation: Gym teacher at North Queens Community High School. 

"That started a verbal altercation after which he struck her in the face," Seaside Heights Det. Steve Korman said. "She sustained an injury to the inside of her mouth due to the punch."

That episode, which was shown on the now-infamous trailer and is due to air Thursday. An anti-violence PSA will be shown after the installment is over, and Snooki is glad the episode is going to air.

"It should be out there. Everyone should know that it can happen," Polizzi told the New York Daily News. "But also, a positive came out of it. It brought (the cast) closer together."

Now where is the PSA warning us that reality shows make us dumber?

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