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Gwyneth Paltrow is feuding with Scarlett Johansson on Iron-Man 2 set

Sounds like Jessica Biel isn't the only one coveting Scarlett Johansson's assets. The U.K.'s Sun says Gwyneth Paltrow is tangling with ScarJo on the set of Iron-Man 2, because there can be only one!

Tbd-gwynethpaltrow052009 “Gwyneth has become very frustrated with Scarlett. They come from different worlds and have completely different styles," a source tells the paper. “Gwyneth has found Scarlett very demanding of the attention of the crew. It’s not a happy set.”

Well, of course she'd find Johansson demanding, if by demanding you mean all the male members of the crew fawn all over her and not Paltrow. We can see how that would make her mad.

“Gwyneth and Scarlett have never been particularly close. Gwyneth was looking forward to working with Emily Blunt, who was originally in line for the part, but it ended up being Scarlett," the source continues. "Gwyneth’s had to live with that and she has been very professional, but she and Scarlett haven’t developed a friendship on the shoot, which is almost at the halfway point. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.”

Things have been so rough on poor Gwynnie that she just had to take a two-week break from filming so she could be comforted by husband Chris Martin. She's even gone so far as to join him for some of Coldplay's tour dates.

And while Paltrow is all sour grapes about how Scarlett gets to carry guns and wear skintight outfits while Gwyn has to be plain ol' Pepper Potts, she'll get her chance, the paper says.

“The most spectacular sequence in the movie is a huge fight between Robert (Downey Jr.) and Mickey Rourke, and she is going to be right in the thick of things," the source adds. Sounds like she's already the one starting fights.

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