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Hackers break into PBS site, post Tupac Shakur is alive

tbd-tupacshakur053111.jpgIn case you were perusing PBS on Sunday night and heard the big news that Tupac Shakur was still alive and living in New Zealand, we hate to tell you it was the work of hackers, according to Sorry about that. And no, Biggie Smalls isn't with him, either.

Hacking group LulzSec, a.k.a. The Lulz Boat broke into the Public Broadcasting Service's servers Sunday after being unhappy about the group's "WikiSecrets" episode of Frontlines, which apparently treated file-stealer Pfc. Bradley Manning in a manner with which they disagreed. They then posted a fake story that said Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. were living in a small, unnamed community in New Zealand, much to the consternation of rap-loving PBS-watchers everywhere.

"Greetings, Internets. We just finished watching WikiSecrets and were less than impressed. We decided to sail our Lulz Boat over to the PBS servers for further... perusing," a statement from the group read. "Say hello to the insides of the PBS servers, folks. They best watch where they're sailing next time."

PBS NewsHour's Teresa Gorman had to take to the Interwaves to explain to people Tupac was still dead. She no doubt also had to inform the core audience who Tupac even was, as well.

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