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Heath Ledger love child rumors are so untrue



Tbdheathledger040408 Don't go trust Australian reports that Heath Ledger had a love child with a 25-year-old woman when he was 17 just yet. Ok! magazine (the same one being deceptive about its Britney Spears diet coverage) says that's not the case. The husband of the unnamed woman has said it's all so much B.S., and the couple will submit their daughter to a DNA test to prove it.

"The whole thing with Ledger being the father is not true. No way. No can be. We knew it would flare up and that is the point of my talking and the simple thing is we will do a DNA test," he said. "I'm the step-dad, but there's nothing to hide and if I asked the mother I'm sure that she wouldn't mind having a DNA test."

Of course, neither this man nor the woman in question -- who refused to answer questions, except to say "There's no background, there's no grounds, there's no nothing" -- are named, so as far as we know the whole thing was made up by Sydney's Daily Telegraph to sell newspapers. Who knew media outlets would spread rumors without verifying them?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:39am]


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