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Heath Ledger's will causing some family friction



Tbdheathledger031208 While we reported yesterday that Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda Rose and her mother, Michelle Williams, were not included in the actor’s will, there’s good and bad news to add to the story.

The good news: Heath’s parents and three sisters intend to help out, as they’ve said in the past.

“Matilda is our absolute priority, and Michelle is an integral part of our family,” Heath’s father Kim said. “They will be taken care of and that’s how Heath would want it to be.”

But the bad news comes via the U.K.’s Telegraph, which says the family is already having some fights over the money.

It seems Kim’s two brothers, Mike and Hadyn Ledger, have been yapping about the estate, with Hadyn spouting, “I have concerns about the distribution of funds.” Never mind those two uncles haven’t kept in touch with the rest of the fam for some time.

“It is sad at this extremely difficult time in our lives, while we are grieving the loss of our beloved son that estranged family members publicly discuss matters they have not been privy to in the past or now,” Kim said. “We hope for Matilda’s sake they will remain dignified.”

We hope for decency’s sake the entire family won’t use a 2-year-old as a pawn in a quest for cash.

[Photo: Vincent Fantauzzo's painting, 'Heath.' Getty Images]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:37am]


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