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Heather wants Paul back

Heather Mills regrets splitting with Paul McCartney, at least that’s what the New York Post is reporting she told a friend. “Heather doesn’t care about the huge load of money coming her way. She’d much rather be happily married than rich and miserable,” a friend of hers told London’s News of the World. “She said she would gladly give back every penny for another shot at happiness with Paul.” Apparently Mills admitted this at the American Idol after-party in Los Angeles. How does McCartney feel about Mills? One only has to read his comment in the upcoming June 4 issue of the New Yorker. “When I think about myself, I am, overall, pretty optimistic, pretty enthusiastic, pretty much into getting on,” McCartney said. Sounds like he’d rather give up millions than take her back. And not to be forgotten, the first woman to help ruin Paul’s life, Yoko Ono, praised Mills for winning over the public in America. John Lennon’s widow said Mills had pulled off an incredible feat on Dancing with the Stars. “That was so incredible,” she told the Mirror of London. “Making herself a heroine with that ballroom dancing stuff in America. She did it single-handedly. That’s difficult for anyone to do. The worst thing a woman can have is guilt. As long as your intention is not to hurt or upset other people, then anything you do is fine.” Spoken like a true Beatle wedge.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:12am]


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