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Here's a casting update for the 'Total Recall' remake

tbd-johncho053111.jpgAs much as it pains The Juice*, we've got casting news for the remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall. Oh look, a bunch of currently well-known actors going through the motions in a movie that is just fine in all its original Paul Verhoeven-style corniness! 

John Cho, lately of Star Trek and ill-fated ABC drama FlashForward fame, is the latest addition, joining as McClane, the rep from Rekall who convinces Colin Farrell to get a memory trip, Entertainment Weekly reports. He joins a cast that also includes Kate Beckinsale in Sharon Stone's role as Quaid's fake wife and Jessica Biel as Rachel Ticotin's Melina. One bright spot is Bryan Cranston replacing Ronny Cox in the Cohaagen role. 

There's also rumors that Ethan Hawke is signing up, and Underworld's Bill Nighy will be doing director Len Wiseman a solid by playing rebel leader Kuato. Man, at the very least, they can change the baby-in-the-stomach design of that character. That would be an improvement worth seeing. Please note that Farrell is also playing Jerry Dandridge in the remake of Fright Night, proving two things: Farrell wishes he lived in the 1980s, and he is now an enemy of The Juice*. Sorry, Colin, but we've got to put you on blast.

[Photo: C'mon, you remember John Cho. Getty Images]




[Last modified: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 6:53pm]


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