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Hilton black sheep gives the worst vice: AD-vice

Tbdparis060607 Just because Paris Hilton is now known as Prisoner No. 9818783 doesn’t mean The Juice* is giving her a 23-day pass. No, we’ve found an item by London’s Daily Mail that digs up the heirhead’s jailbird aunt, 35-year-old Elizabeth Avanzino, half sister of Kathy Hilton.

Avanzino’s new claim to fame is offering advice to the celebutard to keep her from ending up a career criminal.

“Paris does have a lot of issues and I just want them to come up just to talk. She makes mistakes, but I think this goes deeper. People need to know their roots,” Avanzino said. “For Paris money, fame, and fortune can hide addiction. But addiction is addiction, whether it’s alcohol or speeding. It runs in the blood, it really does.”

And so does other criminal behavior — have you seen the rates at a Hilton hotel recently?

[Photo: AP]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:13am]


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