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'HSM3' gets rolling, Miley Cyrus speaks out


Various and sundry Wildcats arrived late last week in Salt Lake City for the start of filming on High School Musical 3: High School Musical with a Vengeance (or whatever it will be called). Zac Efron, Hsm2 Vanessa Hudgens and all the rest were on hand, but not everyone was feeling the East High spirit. E! News says the newly beschnozzed Ashley Tisdale “never cracked a smile and did not socialize with anyone, except Vanessa Hudgens,” and had a police escort by her side at all times. Still, the cast put on their best smileys and somehow managed to remain fully clothed. “We’ve done the first and second one here, and it brings back so many memories,” Hudgens told the Salt Lake Tribune. “Just being here feels like home — being back here with everyone, it’s amazing.” The plot of HSM3 will revolve around Troy and Gabriella’s relationship as they prepare to head off to different colleges. In the interest of realisim, The Juice* hopes to see a touching scene in which the two clique-crossed lovers clumsily culminate their relationship in the backseat of a Ford Focus at a post-prom field party.

Miley_2 Elsewhere in the wonderful world of Disney, Miley Cyrus finally spoke out on the sorta-scandalous photos that have been the talk of every pervert on the Interwebs this past week. According to People, at a concert Saturday night in Orlando for the Disney Channel Games — which is apparently a thing — Cyrus thanked the crowd for standing by her during this tumultuous time: “I saw a sign back there that said, 'Miley, I’m praying for you.’ I could not be more appreciative. Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.”

(Photos: HSM, Getty Images; Miley/Mickey/Minnie, handout.)

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