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Hulk Hogan sex tape leaked by Bubba the Love Sponge's ex-employee




RadarOnline claims it knows who released the now-infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape, and surprisingly, it wasn't Bubba the Love Sponge. The site says a disgruntled former employee is behind the online shenanigans, which shoots down our completely evidence-free theory that Bubba released it because the terms of his divorce prevent him from speaking about ex-wife Heather in public.

A source tells the site the recording was sent out by a former Sirius XM Radio employee who was not only privy to the video -- apparently several members of the staff were -- but also is allegedly angry that Bubba left the company without paying his employees.

"Even though Bubba knew how much the Hulk sex tape would be worth, he didn't stab his friend in the back and he's not the one who released it," the source told Radar.

"It's a former employee of Bubba's who was outraged when he left Sirius to go back to terrestrial radio. He wanted payback. ... Bubba didn't secure the tape properly and showed it to a bunch of people. And that's why they're all in this mess now."

The unnamed source also adds that Hulk's surprise over the video is a crock.

"The tape was first shopped about three years ago, and Hulk was initially blindsided by it," the source said. "But he's been fully aware this whole time that it's out there."

Another big revelation from people who apparently know is that the recording was Heather's idea: "Heather has been obsessed with Terry Bollea forever. She took advantage of her husband's friendship with him and used Bubba to get to Terry," another source said. "She's a voyeur and her fantasy was to have sex with Terry and then have a tape of her conquest."

Interesting that this unnamed person waited this long to release the video. They must misunderstand the concept of an election October surprise.

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