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Hulk Hogan worried Charley Hill was a rapist



Tbdhulkhogan070108 Life is tough all over for Hulk Hogan, who lamented on Bubba the Love Sponge's Sirius satellite radio show that his estranged wife's boyfriend is cramping his style. Hogan said Linda's 19-year-old boy toy, Charley Hill, is wreaking havoc on his family simply by being present, making daughter Brooke uncomfortable and even taking the Hulkster's Harley out for a spin, despite it being uninsured and, well, Hulk Hogan's chopper.

He related a story on air about the cops pulling him over recently because Linda said he was violating an injunction she had against him, despite there being no such court order, and that the whole thing was caused by Brooke finding Charley and a friend in her brother's room, using all his stuff, when no one else was home.

"There were these two 19-year-old boys hiding in Nick's bathroom and when Brooke screamed at 'em one guy goes 'Oh I'm dating your mother.' And Brooke goes, 'You're Charley Hill; I went to school with you -- you're younger than me!" Hulk said. "... She called me up panicking, she said she was scared to death. She didn't know if she was going to get beat up or anything like that, you know, or who knows what else, so she called me; I said, well tell 'em you're calling the police on em."

The Hulkster said he turned around on Highway 60 to head back home, and that's when the cops stopped him. Got all that? Neither do we. But Hulk did make it clear he didn't like Hill being in his house.

"I'm not looking for Linda, I'm looking for my daughter," Hogan said. "She could get beat up, raped or anything. I don't know what's going on."

Listen to part of the show here, and savor the delicious trashiness.

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