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'I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving.': A blow-by-blow account of LiLo's wild night



Tbdlilomug073007_2 The three guys involved in Lindsay Lohan’s crazy ride through Santa Monica say the starlet just about took them hostage after stealing the Denali she was caught driving with a .13-percent blood alcohol limit, TMZ says.

The owner of the SUV, Dante Nigro, and pals Jakon Sutter and Ronnie Blake say they we’re at the party in Malibu on Monday (well, Dante was invited by assistant Tarin Graham’s boyfriend; Jakon and Ronnie had to stay outside) watching LiLo drinking her self stupid when assistant Tarin quit.

The boyfriend, who was not named, was preparing to drive the trio away in Dante’s Denali when he got out to argue with Tarin, who then drove away. Lohan then allegedly jumped in the driver’s seat and took off — with the three men still inside!

Blake freaked, jumped out of the car while Lindsay sped off, and promptly had his foot run over, he says.

Lindsay chased Tarin onto the Pacific Coast Highway but lost her, thwarting Dante’s attempts to grab the wheel of his own car by saying, “If you touch me, I’ll sue you,” he says.

She then drove to Tarin’s mother’s house in Santa Monica, thinking her former assistant would be there, just as the woman was pulling into her driveway.

She led them on a chase reaching speeds of 80 mph or higher into Santa Monica, where it became apparent to Dante she was driving to the police station. Lohan replied with, “I’m a celebrity, I’m not going to get into trouble.”

So we know the rest, except for the part where LiLo apparently told SMPD, “I wasn’t driving. The black kid was driving,” Dante says.

But the grand summation comes from flat-footed Ronnie, who told the site, “It was pretty much the worst night of my whole summer.” You don’t say ...

By the way, the trio are now saying they plan to sue the actress. Because three big guys can’t overpower a drunken stick of a girl.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:17am]


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