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Idiot threatens to kill and eat cat unless Miley Cyrus returns to Twitter



The Internet breeds all kinds of crazies and Twitter brings out the dumbest in people, so what happens when these two great tastes get together? You get some freak who is threatening to kill, cook and eat her cat unless Miley Cyrus gets back on Twitter. Maybe AOL wants to rethink calling Miley the Worst Teen Role Model.

The anonymous author behind (also on Twitter via @mileysavefuzzy) says the only way to save Fuzzy the cat from a photo-documented demise is to have Miley reopen @mileycyrus by Nov. 16 and begin tweeting regularly.

"This is NOT a prank or a hoax," the would-be Jigsaw Killer writes. "I am not joking, even if some will choose to interpret it that way. Cooking a cat is not illegal in my country, in fact it's part of our culture. ... If Miley doesn't tweet again, this WILL happen, and I'm as serious as a heart attack."

While all this sounds like a disgusting marketing scam or grad student thesis on Internet memes, it's stupidity is sealed by the writer's insistence that concerned tweeters "use #mileysavefuzzy on Twitter to raise awareness." We implore you all, now that you've heard about it, to ignore it completely.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:03am]


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