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Jake Gyllenhaal took his ex-girlfriend to the Golden Globes




rsz_td-jennylewis011811.jpgEveryone wanted to know who that redhead on Jake Gyllenhaal's arm was Sunday night (well, okay, a few of you did), and People has the answer -- it turns out it was Jenny Lewis, his ex from a decade ago. Wow, maybe he shouldn't have broken it off with Taylor Swift just yet, huh?

Lewis, 35, was a child actor who starred in Troop Beverly Hills and was Fred Savage's girlfriend in The Wizard. She and Jake started dating in 2001, but met up again in 2009, when Gyllenhaal was dating Reese Witherspoon. Currently she's the singer for indie band Rilo Kiley and is dating musician Jonathan Rice.

She and Jake are still friends, obviously, but she wasn't important enough to rate a stroll on the red carpet, so we don't have any photos of them together. You'll just have to use your imaginations; the gossip blogs certainly did.

[Photos: That's Jake last night, and Jenny in 2007. AP, Getty Images]


[Last modified: Monday, January 17, 2011 1:38pm]


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