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Jamie Lynn Spears got lipo while pregnant?



Oh sweet merciful Zoraster, what has the world come to when a pregnant teenager is rumored to have gotten liposuction while she was pregnant? You know who we're talking about -- our favorite sideshow act, Jamie Lynn Spears (her sis Britney is the main event, of course).

Tbdjamielynnspears120408 Not that it's entirely Jamie Lynn's fault, as Star reports the Zoey 101 actress pleaded with mom Lynne to let her get lipo when she found out she was gaining all this weight, y'see. Problem is, turns out she was gaining weight because she was pregnant with now-5-month-old Maddie.

"She didn't know she was pregnant when she filled out the health questionnaire prior to the procedure," a source tells the mag. "Her mom approved the injections and went through tons of red tape to get the clinic to administer them to an underage patient."

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this is probably not the best idea in the world, especially for a teen, but Star gets an expert to let us know that very fact: "Any form of liposuction is dangerous and should not be performed on a pregnant woman," plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Burton says. "It poses serious health risks to the fetus."

Gee, that's just great. Next thing you know, they'll be saying smoking and drinking are off limits, too. Wait, what?

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