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Jamie Lynn Spears hates Casey Aldridge, but Bristol Palin is worth a gift



Jamie Lynn Spears is back in the headlines after a nice couple weeks off, this time because Star says she's fighting baby Maddie's daddy Casey Aldridge because he's a cheating cheater. Go figure. And now she wants full custody of the tyke, which he is fighting, since that means his meal ticket to a lifetime of Jamie Lynn's (and maybe even big sister Britney's, somehow) major-league money might be slipping away.

Tbdjamielynnspears090408_3 "He's not a spiteful person," his friend tells Star. "He plays to win. He doesn't really want full custody of Maddie, but he knows it might be his best weapon against Jamie Lynn." And that's a big deal, since the source says Jamie Lynn's been "giving him tens of thousands of dollars for electronics, video games and the truck that she bought him — in fact, he spent $8,000 last month alone on gas and sporting equipment."

Meanwhile, Jamie Lynn has allegedly sent a gift to beleagured GOP vice prexy nominee Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter Bristol. Hey, those unwed teenage mothers have to stick together! Well, technically, a source at ritzy Beverly Hills baby store Petit Tresor says Lynne Spears, matriarch of this family disaster, sent a gift on Jamie Lynn's behalf ($60 worth of pink burpcloths, so says the source). But mama Lynne has done enough to her own kids -- why not extend her reach to other famous families now, too? 

[Sorry for the old photo, but it's the only one we can afford that show's Jamie Lynn with Maddie.]

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