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Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester cut out of 'Glee 3D'



You may not know it from watching the trailer, but one thing is missing from upcoming Glee 3D movie: Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester. Well, you may not be surprised to hear that, but the cast didn't seem to know it, either. Hey, have you guys talked to Felicity Huffman at all?

Despite Sylvester and her track suit appearing in the movie's trailer -- "Please, save your money. This thing sucks," she tells the audience (watch it above) -- she's apparently been cut entirely from the film. Lynch's character appeared by video on all the cast's tour stops, and visited at least one concert that was shot for the movie. That was news for the cast, USA Today says, implying they thought she'd be in it.

Not to worry, show creator Ryan Murphy says: "We're doing another version in a couple of weeks on DVD. Jane will be on that. We'll do it that way." Boy, that sounds ... very dismissive, actually. Not that we expected Jane to be in a stage show production of the series (she never said she would be), but he could at least sound like he cares, especially if the rest of the crew were unaware of the omission until last Saturday. But what can you expect of a guy who reveals people will be losing their jobs in magazine interviews?


[Last modified: Monday, August 8, 2011 4:21pm]


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