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Janet Jackson blames Dr. Conrad Murray for Michael's death



Tbd-janetjackson111709 Janet Jackson has been staying pretty quiet since her brother Michael's death, but in an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, the performer demands that MJ's doctor, Conrad Murray, be brought to justice. As if handing out a surgical anesthesia (possibly illegally) is something that warrants criminal charges!

"He was the one that was administering," Janet says in the interview, which will air Friday at 10 p.m. "I think he is responsible."

She also talks about how she feels about Michael's death, saying that when she heard the news, she was floored, and has been trying to cope ever since.

"It just didn't ring true to me. It felt like a dream," she said. "It's still so difficult for me to believe. It's, you know, you have to accept what is. But it's hard. You have to move on with your life. You have to accept what is and I understand that."

Luckily it sounds like Janet's largely been staying out of the estate fight her papa Joe has been waging. Not that she's given to believe accusations that Joe was an abusive father.

"You have to keep in mind that I'm the baby," Janet said, noting she's the youngest of nine siblings. "I think it's old-school. And that may extrapolate into, ah, being a little abusive. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

we understand that you just didn't witness it. So then how does she know that and then is so sure Murray is responsible for Michael's death? Oh, such circuitous logic!

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:05am]


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