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Jason Bateman had to give up drinking, drugs

Tbd-jasonbateman071009 Jason Bateman was no Charlie Sheen, but he tells Details magazine that he was known to head out for a party or two, and it nearly ruined his marriage. More than Teen Wolf Too?

Bateman's life was like being in "Risky Business for 10 years... I'd worked so hard that by the time I was 20, I wanted to play hard," he said. "And I did that really well."

Apparently his wife Amanda Anka (daughter of Paul) curbed that when they wed in 2001, but after a year of his nights out, she demanded a change.

"I was never at the place where rehab would have been appropriate," Bateman said. "Booze was what would make me want to stay out all night and do some blow or smoke a joint or whatever, so shutting that off was key. It's like ketchup and French fries — I don't want one without the other."

The wake-up call, however, was when Anna went to a Mexico for a planned Christmas vacation without him.

"So that's the moment," he tells the magazine. "Do you want to continue being great at being in your twenties, or do you want to step up and graduate into adulthood?"

Wow, he must have really channeled those days when he played that creepy guy in Juno. What range!

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:44am]


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