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Jay Leno would go back to 'Tonight Show' if asked



Jay Leno
says that if he'd had his druthers, The Tonight Show was where he was comfortable, he says in an interview with Broadcasting & Cable magazine, and if NBC asked him back, he'd take it. Well no kidding; have you seen the ratings his prime time show is getting?

That's not to say Conan O'Brien is no good at his job, he quickly adds: "Conan is in the same position I was in when I took over. It takes a while. Some will like it; some will leave forever and not come back."

And speaking of his late-night cohorts, Jay says that this whole David Letterman thing "will have a big effect at all," despite what the gossip columns may do to keep the story on life support.

"If it were me, it would kill me," Leno says. "I'm the guy who's been married 29 years. But Dave has never pretended to be Mr. Moral America, he's never set himself up that way. He's not a hypocrite."

And what about those sub-par ratings for The Jay Leno Show? No big deal.

"I get a certain amount of satisfaction from pounding my head against the wall," he says. "I'm not having a bad time at 10 o'clock now. I look at this as a job, and now I'm faced with a challenge, and it's a challenge I find difficult but interesting."

Yeah, like you're going on the record in a magazine as saying you hate your new show. That's why we say to our boss that we love writing The Juice*, and would you like some ice in your drink, sir?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:03am]


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